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Regardless of your publishing goals, I am here for you!  After a contract is signed, you will email me your completed draft and leave the rest to me. Enjoy a peace of mind with the confidence that this published author is making sure your manuscript is ready for even the worst critics.


My hire fee ($1,000) includes: Filing paperwork (Copyrights, ISBN, Barcode) and publishing.

$245.00=Copyright fee, ISBN, Barcode

$400.00=Edit/Proofread (Max:100 pages) (12pt, Times New Roman)

$3 per page after 100 pages.


Total: 1,000+245+400 =

The total price includes the following:


-ISBN (mandatory for all publications)

-Barcode (mandatory for all publications)

-Professionally edited

-Author Webpage on Publisher Website for 30 days

-Book listed on my website

-Online Retail Distribution (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books)

-1 Complimentary Copy of Book (can order more to sell)

-Final Book Approval


**Payment Options: Non-Refundable

Hire Fee required as deposit. Remaining payment schedule will be determined by you. I will email you confirmation of deposit, which then we will schedule a consult. 

Book Publishing

  • The publishing process is customized to your individual goal and publishing needs. This process will be laid out to you via our consult.

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