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With a true passion for reading, I look forward to reading and editing your manuscript. No matter the page count, genre, or POV, I am eager and ready to read and edit your book for you!


Do you need your document edited quickly, within the same day? 4-hour and 8-hour editing optional. Page limits apply. 


Any document can be edited, including: Email, business proposal, business plan, memo, resume', contract, school paper, thesis, essay, article, etc.


Upon checkout, you will receive an email to submit your sample. Or simply email me up to five pages to sample edit to


Once you accept the sample, you will receive an invoice for your deposit amount!


Quotes Vary. Include page count in 'Add A Note' at checkout to receive a quote via email prior to sending sample pages for edit. 


Standard Rate:

$75.00 for every fifteen pages


Each manuscript will receive:

-Professional edit of manuscript

-Book review published on any platform of your choosing


**Payment Options: Non-Refundable

1-Full Payment

2- 1/2 Deposit with a payment schedule determined by YOU!- Edited manuscript will be returned upon final payment.

3-Are you on a strict budget? Let me know and we can negotiate.



Book Editing

$1.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
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