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Home of Princess Lu And Juan! : The Children's Book Series

        My intentions for Princess Lu and Juan is to present our young children with a positive and encouraging voice. 
There is no age limit for these books. The message can be understood by all. I am thirty and I am a proud reader of them. If your child(ren) is too young to read, read it to them. Even if they are old enough to read, read it to them. Help them understand. Help them elevate. It truly does take a village and it’s time that we establish elevation in ours. Establish the beauty, strength, and truth in our melanin skin. Establish pride. We can do this! We can raise our next generation to be unbreakable!
     No matter what the world may try to show them how to be and who to be. No matter the body image they will try to be forced to conform to. They will NOT BREAK! This is my dream, my hope, and my intentions for Princess Lu and Juan. To be a voice of positive and encouragement; of Mind Elevation.
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In my first book of the series, “Nice to Meet you, Princess Lu!”, Princess Lu is introduced. This includes where she’s from and how many Queens are in her life. She also asks your Princess(es) directly, what does she want to be when she grow up. The book provides a space where each Princess can insert her personalized information; such as her name. My purpose of this is to make the book interactive, thus making a better connection between her and Princess Lu.
    In this book, Princess Lu discusses what makes us a princess. No, not because of a Prince Charming; but because of who we come from. QUEENS! The Black woman is a Queen, therefore, making each of our little girls a Princess. She will one day blossom into a Queen; and Princess Lu is here to help you make them the best one they can be. Her books will make them read more which will ultimately help elevate their mind above societal standards. They will grow to see beyond the obstacles.
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In the second book, "Celebrate Black History Month With Princess Lu!" the meaning of Black History Month is discussed. Facts and accomplishments of historical black figures such as Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, and Fredrick Douglass are presented in the form of flash cards! Princess Lu also takes the opportunity in this book to promote self confidence and ensure your Princess(es) that they too can change the world.
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The latest book, "Princess Lu Teaches Juan His ABC's" is an original poem. As your child(ren) learn or reiterate from memory their alphabets, they will also be inspired. This book is appropriate and written to be read by both girls and boys.
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