Mother Barista ♥ Your Destiny Is Within Your Mind

Good morning! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to invite and accept mental growth. I specify mental growth, because there are many ways for us to grow. But, the most important and vital growth, is the growth of your mind. Not as in physical enlargement, obviously, but beyond that. First, let me ask you a question. There is nobody here but you and me, so be honest. Have you ever thought about how small our 'brain' is? Small enough to hold in one hand, right? Yet, the vastness of our 'mind' is as limitless as the universe. When we allow our mind to grow, we allow our consciousness to be more aware of our own universe. When we are aware of our own universe, it is only then that we become in control of our destiny. Believe it or not, but more people feel like they have not found their destiny, than those who do. Have you uncovered your destiny? Can you truly proclaim to your reflection, that you are living your purpose? If so, great! Continue to elevate and soar within your universe. Continue to fulfill your purpose with peace. If not, today is anew. Remember, when I encouraged you to sow your seeds? The smallest seeds with blossom into the biggest tree. Just live your truth. Control your own mind and your own energy. Embrace your heart and your soul. Embrace your true mind, for that is where your destiny awaits you.

Have a positive and elevated day.