Mother Barista ♥ Why Growth Causes Separation: It's Okay To Outgrow People

Good evening! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. This evening, I want to remind you the importance of embracing your growth (again). Growth can occur in numerous ways, but a few are more significant than others. Spiritual growth and mental growth are, in my opinion, the most significant ways for us to grow. Unfortunately, growth can mean separation, in the sense that you can outgrow some people. That doesn't have to be a negative thing. Growth means to become wiser and more conscious of your decisions and your being. This growth occurs in everyone at their own time, and some people never achieve it. Therefore, when we are fortunate enough to experience growth, we must embrace it and encourage it. We must be proud of our growth and celebrate it. Now, that doesn't mean to become complacent in your growth. Don't stop and be satisfied because you've grown an inch. Always strive to become more, mile by mile. On this day, even yourself can't imagine how much you can grow. What more you can become. Two years ago, I wouldn't of imagined being a mother at 28 years old. But, motherhood encouraged me to grow and encourages me to continue. Who I am today, I could of never imagined. I have so much more room to grow in this life, and I am excited to discover my days ahead. Because, the more we grow, the more we become who we are destined to be.

Have a positive and elevated day.