Mother Barista ❤ When Misery Invites You In, Decline: Misery Loves Company 

Good evening! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. It is so easy to be invited into misery's company. And don't get me wrong, the invite sometimes look inviting. But, at a certain point we all know what waits beyond that door. No matter how much joy and peace you have, once you enter, you're inflicted. There's a difference between going to misery's house in an attempt to bring it peace, and being invited. When you know that you're about to enter into a test, you prepare. Accepting an invitation can be instantaneous. You're more likely to succeed in any situation if you prepare for it. As opposed to making an impulse decision. So, when miserable people and negative situations invite you to join their company, pass. I do believe that at some point misery can be defeated. With that being said, if someone you love comes to you, wanting help, elevate them. But before you even go into that situation, make sure you are prepared. You have to be elevated to elevate others. You can't pull someone up who's on the same level as you. Have a positive and elevated day.