Mother Barista ♥️ The Three Pillars Of Life: Dreams, Goals, and Destiny

Good morning! I hope you are having a positive and elevated day. Remember, that it is your choice. The one who controls your reaction, controls your day. So, if anyone tries to persuade you to participate in their negativity, elevate above. Take a few deep breaths if needed and keep your two eyes on the prize. When your two eyes are focused, your third eye can focus. (I hope that didn't fly over your head too high). Focus on your dreams, focus on your goals, focus on your destiny. Some people may think that those three things are one in the same, but each holds its own weight. Your dreams are just that. The things that you dream to accomplish. Your goals are the physical steps that are required for you to fulfill your dreams. Most importantly, your destiny, that is your purpose. Some people can accomplish their dreams by fulfilling their goals. But NEVER discover their destiny. Excuse me if I'm getting too deep too early. But, the purpose of me writing these posts is to elevate you. Preferably, before your day starts (Anytime is perfect!) So that you can be untouchable by the negative energy in the world, before you leave the comfort of your home. So, take a deep breath, and elevate. Tell yourself that you're going to have a positive and elevated day. Believe it then achieve it.

Have a positive and elevated day. Blessings and Elevation.