Mother Barista ♥️ The Secret Uncovered: What You Release Is What You Receive

Good evening! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. First, I would like to congratulate myself for making it to one month without eating chicken! I actually had the desire to stop consuming chicken for a few years now. I have not consumed pork or beef in four years respectively! I had a chicken meal two days before my 28th birthday (8-16-19). I just made the decision on that day, with me going into a new age, that I will no longer eat chicken. And since that day, I have not consumed any chicken. Now, I assume that your next question may be, "What does she eat?" Well, I absolutely love turkey! I enjoy preparing fish meals as well. Almost everything that you desire has a healthier option. It is my ultimate goal to become a complete vegan before I turn 30.

That goal brings me to my second point of today's post. The reason I'm sure you're here. Listen, your mind is stronger than you give it credit for. All my life, 27 years, I've ate chicken. I literally made a mental decision to stop overnight.Yes, I THOUGHT about it. But, I never DID it. There's a significant difference between thought and action. That difference is as significant as success and failure; life and death. Anything that you've thought about doing, especially if it will bring good into you, do it now. What YOU bring INTO you, is what will be released from you. And what you release into the universe is what you'll receive and be remembered for. We sometimes forget that once we're forgotten, we're forgotten. In history. In time. Those who thought are forgotten. Those who do, especially good, are remembered. Will you be remembered? What energy do you want to receive? Be MINDful that all time is limited. And your history is created presently.

Have a positive and elevated day.