Mother Barista ♥️ The Power and Healing In Self-Encouragement

Good morning! I hope that you are having a positive and elevated day. As I sip my first cup of coffee, I am thinking about the power of self-encouragement. A few days ago I was severely depressed. I am open about my mental difference. What I call 'mental difference' many call 'mental illness'. But, I don't consider it to be an illness. I'm not 'sick'! However, I mentioned that to unveil the fact, that this isn't my first time being severely depressed. And unfortunately, it won't be the last. Consequently, there are a few methods, that I've learned, that are crucial in overcoming. The most important of which is self-encouragement. Yes, my negative energy was depression. But, that doesn't necessarily have to be your negative energy. Relationships, employment, and finances are a few attributes that typically create negative energy within our spirits. Self-encouragement is vital in not only combating, but defeating all negative energy. Who am I to testify to that? Someone who has literally survived on self-encouragement alone. The chill of the figurative gun was pressed against my temple. And self-encouragement alone, is why I didn't pull the trigger. Gospel, mediation, and writing are a few of the essential components in my self-encouragement routine. Just because negative energy send you a friend request, doesn't mean you must accept it. Be encouraged even if you must only encourage yourself.

Have a positive and elevated day.