Mother Barista ♥️ The Key Is To Never Stop Moving Or Dreaming

Good morning! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day! I am currently sipping on my second cup of Joe, with my son snoring right beside me. Today, I just want to encourage you to keep on moving. No matter what obstacles and hurdles that block your path to your destiny, keep on moving. I'm sure that there's a skeptic that is saying, "It's not that simple." Granted, positive solutions may appear to be further out of reach than we desire. Negative solutions are always easier to come by and many may be out of our control. But, what if I told you that discovering positive solutions is actually easier than you think! Keyword: Think! There is a profound strength in the power of the mind. In my first book, "The Book About M.E.: Mind Elevation", I state, "The way you think will always determine the life you will live." If you train, yes, train, your mind to be less subjective to negative and more open to positive, you will be able to discover positive solutions more easily. It does take practice and as I said training. The mind is a muscle that must be exercised to become stronger. Reading and doing puzzles (my favorite is Sudoku!) are two great ways to make your mind stronger. The stronger your mind is, the better you will be able to move. The better you are able to move, is directly connected to the amount of success you will have. The more you move, the further you will go. That is just simple physics! And if you're not moving, you're standing still. And when you're standing still, someone else is moving ahead. I know sometimes it may seem easier to stop and pause to catch your breath. We all need a beat to reset and refocus. But, that is what SLEEP IS FOR! When you are awake, you must move! You can slow down a bit if needed, but never stop! Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never stop loving, never stop moving.

Have a positive and elevated day. Blessings and elevation.