Mother Barista ♥️ The Choice Is Yours, So Choose Wisely

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Always remember, that it is your choice, so choose wisely. I hate to state this unfortunate fact: many of us consciously give up our control. I understand how one could proclaim that many people give up control unconsciously. That they somehow are 'not aware' that they are giving up their control. But, I personally believe that once we become aware of such control, we are conscious of it. Fear, doubt, and dependency are just a few reasons why one may give up their control. Face your fears, silence your doubt, and stand solid on your own. Whatever the reason that you are giving up control, break from it. Release yourself from the gravitational pull of negative energy. It can only suck you in, if you don't push yourself in the opposite direction. How can you push yourself in the opposite direction of negative energy? The simplest rule of thumb, don't go near it! If it's something that you can remove yourself from, do it. If it's not as easy to physically remove yourself from, like a job, remove yourself mentally.

This one may take practice. It has literally taken me years to get to a strong place mentally. Defeat, death, and doubt broke me mentally. But, it was the reflection of myself within my shattered mind that I realized. My ultimate defeat will be my doing. No, I could not control death. But, I could embrace the memories. Positive energy thrives from positive memories. Yes, I can determine my defeat. I lose some, but what matters is the lesson from the lose. Not the lose itself. Most importantly, I can silence doubt. Self-doubt and the doubt of others. I can silence self-doubt by believing in myself and succeeding. As I will always silence the doubt of others by being successful.

So, have a positive and elevated day. It is your choice, so choose wisely.