Mother Barista ♥ "Nothing" Is Free But "Something" Is: Encouragement To Live Freely

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to keep moving. Life would not be a journey if there weren't any obstacles. If life itself was void of hardships, what lessons would we learn? The fact of life is to live, learn, and lift. We are born to live, which I think many people forget. Life is to not be wasted. Life is not to simply work until expiration. We have been "trained" to believe so and we have conformed to that training. But, I want to encourage you to reject that notion. Yes, I understand that we live in a world where "nothing is free."So, we must all do some kind of work. But, catch this if you will: "Something is free." And as long as you have "Something", you will never have "nothing". I think of the "nothings" of this world as tangible. The cars, the homes, our physical desires. Those are the things in which we work to death to obtain. But, "Something" is powerful. "Something" is free and it can't be touched, although it can be manipulated into "nothing." What is "Something" you ask? "Something" is intangible. "Something" is peace. "Something" lies within the depths of your mind. "Something" is buried deep in a world of "nothing". You have to dig deep into the most inner depths of your mind to discover your "Something". To discover your "Something" is to discover your eternal spiritual purpose in this temporary life of "nothing". You must live to learn this truth. And once you live, and learn, you will then be able to lift others to their spiritual purpose. Now, isn't that something?

Have a positive and elevated day.