Mother Barista ♥ Motivation to Leap Over Your Hurdles and Leap By Faith

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day! Today, I want to encourage you to leap! Hurdles and obstacles that appear in our lives can be both fortunate and unfortunate. It depends on the perspective you choose to have, and the way you choose to react. I have overcome many obstacles in my life, as I'm certain my life will be full of them. Honestly, I am sprinting right now, leaping over hurdles, and leaping by faith. What you see, is my reaction. I am at peace at what my purpose is. To elevate and inspire you to have a positive mind regardless of any negative circumstance. The power in belief is profound. Because I believe in M.E so truly, I know that whatever obstacle may appear today, I will leap over it. Because the only option I have is to cross the finish line. I began running track in the 5th grade. The last time I ran competitively was in high school. Upon graduation, I have been running with life. And as aforementioned, it has been full of hurdles. But, the hurdles that I've endured, that I'm enduring, isn't my life. We often become so entangled in our hurdles, we allow our life to pause and be trapped in that moment. In that negative circumstance. And I will absolutely stand by my words in the court of life. There is a positive solution for every negative situation. My first book is dedicated to proving that fact, with facts from my own upbringing. Listen, what you must take from today's post is this. Your hurdle is not your life. Your obstacle is not your life. Sprint and leap over every negative situation that's attempting to entrap you. Leap by faith and elevate to your purpose.

Have a positive and elevated day.