Mother Barista ♥️ Motivation for the Hard Pill to Swallow

Good afternoon! I hope you're having a positive and elevated day! This past weekend, I was involved in a conversation which prompted my quote of the day. The conversation stuck with me because of the complexity of it, yet, it was so simple. There are a few things in life that are hard to swallow. For the sake of this post and keeping it at a one minute read, I'll focus on one. Sorry. This term is meant to show regret and remorse. Its presence has the power to heal. Yet, its absence has the power to destroy. In my opinion, the ability to accept your wrong doing and sincerely saying "sorry" is lost these days. We hear people saying it so freely and unconsciously that it begins to lose its meaning. Its power. I would trust someone's "sorry" more if it took them a second to say it. Other than the opposite, and someone said it too quickly. To sincerely say "sorry", one must think about the action, and calculate mentally if they fell like they were wrong or not. There are some people who know they are wrong and will never admit it. Some people will take a "sorry" literally to the grave. Sometimes holding a "sorry" in can literally be the reason of a life lost. So, those examples of the power of "sorry", should show you why, "sorry" should take time. Because it must also be the result of a lesson learned. If someone is quick to say, "I'm sorry", he's not a sincere man. "Sorry" is a hard pill to swallow.

Have an elevated and positive day. Blessings and Elevation♥