Mother Barista ♥ Learn To Swim As Not To Sink: The Catastrophic Consequences Of Contentment

Good morning, I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to swim. No matter how deep the waters are, "Just keep on swimming." We often become so content when we are able to relax on the boat. Because of this, most of us never learn how to swim. But in life, we must prepare in case the boat sink. It is unfortunate, but a majority of us don't have a safety boat, something to keep us afloat even if the boat goes under. Shoot, a lot f us don't even have a swimming vest! So, where will that leave you and your family? Stranded at sea with nothing to keep you afloat. At least if you learn to swim, you will have a fighting chance to make it to safety. No matter how tired you become or the distance from land, just keep swimming. Don't rely on being content just because you are able to today. Now, that doesn't mean not to enjoy the moment and embrace the peace. That is of the upmost importance, to be in the moment with peace. Just take a few moments and learn to swim so that you may teach your loved ones how to survive. Even more so, if you're able, begin to build your safety boat today.

Have a positive and elevated day.