Mother Barista ♥️ Is the Evil Effect Affecting You?

Good evening! I hope that you are having a positive and elevated day. First off, I want to thank you for using some of your valuable time to read my words. Even if it is only a few minutes long! I am appreciative. It is because of incredible people like you that I was honored to be mentioned as a Top 30 Positivity Blogs To Follow in 2019 by FeedSpot! I am sincerely humbled to have the blessing and ability to elevate and to inspire! However, in all reality, I could write and speak forever. My words would be forever silenced if they fell onto deaf ears. So, sincerely, thank you for not only reading my words, but implementing them in your life. I could ensure you that you may weep tonight, but joy comes in the morning. But, that would mean nothing if you voluntarily bring yesterday into today. Look, I understand, and I am speaking from recent experiences. There's healing in tears. There's healing in pain. There's healing in grief. There's healing in depression. There is healing. When you release and heal, you become stronger. Less vulnerable to negative forces. Because as I say in my poem, "The Evil Effect", in "The Poetry Book About M.E.: Melanin Experience" "When evil speaks, evil (hatred) leaks. Through the blood and veins of the mentally weak." When you are strong mentally and emotionally, there is nothing that will be able to knock you down! Yes, you may rock! You may sway! But, you will not fall! You will elevate above every single thing that has the intention on pulling you down! Because lets be honest, if someone is able to pull you under, wasn't that not your will? Do what you must to heal.

Have a positive and elevated day!