Mother Barista♥ Introducing Motivation In One Minute

Good morning! Have you already brewed your coffee? Great! Now take a sip and take a deep breath! Inhale the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee beans and tell yourself, "Today will be a great day." No matter how many times it takes for you to believe it; keep saying it until you do! As I was fortunate enough to wake this morning and witness my son breathe life. I will live today to the fullest. I will use the opportunity in today to do something positive. For myself, someone I love, and a stranger. Everyone deserves the blessing of having positive vibes sent to them! So, smile at someone for no reason or hold the door open for them. Spread positive vibes and positive vibes will be sent to you! I know you have a full day ahead. So, before you face the world today remember that today will be a great day. Now, take another sip of coffee with me and lets go! Today awaits!

Have an elevated and positive day!