Mother Barista ♥️ Inspiration to Keep Your Faith

Good afternoon! I hope you're having a positive and elevated day so far. As I am sipping my first cup of coffee (yes, I know I'm behind lol) I am thinking about a man. This man is 26 years old, hazel eyes, tall, strong, brave, hard working, handsome. This man is so many things, a simple list would not suffice. I first met this man in 2012. He was 19 years old and I was 20 years old. Our bond began instantly, although we began dating one year later. Next month, this man and I will be celebrating six adventurous years together. Throughout our adventure we have overcome obstacles that would surely obliterate an average young couple. Together we have been homeless, hungry, penniless, and down to nothing but love and faith. I will admit, at times my faith failed and I wanted to quit. But, I am grateful to have a man, that never would let me. If he would of let go when I did, we would not be here today. Especially not parents to our amazing and perfect six month old son. My intention and motivation for saying this is to say, stay faithful. Stay faithful to the process. In your relationship or in your job. In whatever situation you may be in today, stay faithful. Find someone in your life who will have enough faith to pull you through, when your faith fails. Even if it's just God.

Have an elevated and positive day. Blessings and elevation ♥️