Mother Barista ♥️ Inspiration to Accept Your Own Pace

Good afternoon! As I am sitting here sipping my cup of coffee; I am reflecting on this year so far. I am excited and humbled by how productive this month has been. The accomplishments that has been achieved. I published my fourth book! "Celebrate Black History Month With Princess Lu!" is my second book in my Princess Lu! children's book series! Read more about Princess Lu! by going to "Books" on the menu! I am so humbled and blessed for the ability to write and inspire. As we're concluding the first month of the year, I want to remind you to go at your own pace. I've learned that it isn't wise to compete or race with others in life. Everyone can't go at the same pace, for what would the race be? What would life be? Live your best life. Live your unique life. Live your one life, for you! If you see someone taking five steps at a time. Allow them to. Allow them to move at the pace that the Lord gave them the ability to. Because even if you take one step, that one step is more progress than standing still. And believe it or not, and oh how unfortunate it is, but somebody is standing still. When you're looking at the person taking five steps, wishing you could. Someone is looking at you, wishing they could take just one step. Be humble in your pace. As long as you're moving forward, you're living a meaningful life.

Have an elevated and positive day. Blessings and elevation ♥️