Mother Barista ♥ In Reality, Dreams Cost: Encouragement To Determine If You Can Afford It

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to value your time more. We all know someone who spend days doing absolutely nothing, and I find that to be unfortunate. Because the days that we're fortunate enough to experience is a blessing, and should be lived. In that same breath, we must be mindful of others. When my path crosses with someone who had a dream, my heartaches. Because we all know, that to have had something, is to have it no longer. So, they had a dream, but reality defeated it. Dreams come at the ultimate cost. It costs: time, mind elevation, and resilience. This does not go without saying, that there are many other costs (faith, courage, etc.). However, for the sake of time, I'll stick to what I consider to be the top three. First and foremost, you must be willing to dedicate the time into manifesting your dream. I'm not talking merely days, weeks, or months. It may take years for your dreams to come true, and more times than not, half of your life. That's why before you even embark on the journey, you must ask yourself, "Is this worth my life?" If the answer is "no", I encourage you to not even waste a day of your valuable time. Every dream will not be your purpose.

Second, you must become your dream. By this I mean, you must mentally elevate and ascend to your dream, your purpose. Because if you don't and you are constantly in reality, in our world. Well, you know how the world is. You know how some of your family can be. Even the ones you call a friend. That's why it's imperative that you elevate. Obviously, we can't physically lift our bodies. But I promise you, yes, I promise you, that you can elevate your mind.

Third and finally, you must become resilient. You must become unbreakable. Because when you are in reality and those who should uplift you, attempt to pull you down. They won't be able to. Your resilience will be your negative blocking shield. No matter what people may say or do to you to try to discourage you, you won't be phased. You will always stand. You will always rise. And you will achieve your dream, and fulfill your purpose.

Have a positive and elevated day.