Mother Barista ♥️ Failure Flourishes From Faith

Good morning! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. It's your choice, so choose wisely. Remember these words, Failure Flourishes From Faith. Now, I am confident that many people correlate faith with positive connotations. As do I. Typically, we have faith, in things unseen. Which is the meaning of faith itself. We don't know how things will turn out. But, we have faith that things will turn out great. Now, don't lose me here. The future is like the universe, it's unknown. The possibilities are endless. I'm going to assume, that we all know about faith in the positive sense. So, I'm going to focus on explaining how failure can be derived from faith as well. Now, I am a believer in the power of energy. The energy we put out, is the energy we will receive. When we have faith that good things will happen, we are putting out the energy that good things will happen. Therefore, good things happen. But, we also have moments of discouragement. We foresee bad things happening before they happen. Therefore, we are putting faith in failure. We are putting out the energy of failure, so failure is returned to us. That is exactly how failure flourishes from faith. To flourish is to blossom and bloom. The more we see something in our mind, the more likely it is to become. To flourish. Faith is things unseen, the future. Success and failure are both effects. The cause? Whichever one you have faith in.

Have a positive and elevated day.