Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Use Your Power To Be The Light Through The Darkness

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to be the light. It's easy to become entrapped in the cycle of negativity. We are constantly bombarded with the malicious intentions and negative energies of others. It is easy to to conclude that the world is full of darkness. But as dark as it may seem, light is always near. And that light is you! The power that is harnessed from the light has the ability to power others. You have the ability to power others. To encourage them that they too are the light. And just as the proliferation of darkness spreads, so will that of the light. All it takes is you making the choice to shine today. Shine brighter than your negative relationships. Shine brighter than your negative finances. Shine brighter than the doubt that you may have in yourself. It's okay if your light has faded, just don't allow it to go out. Don't allow yourself to become the darkness. Only you have that control and that power. You have the power to keep your power. But you also have the power to give it away. I encourage you, don't. Keep it for yourself and allow it to manifest your purpose. Allow it to brighten others.

Have a positive and elevated day.