Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Take Advantage Of Your Storm

Good afternoon, I hope you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to use your rock bottom to your advantage. It is a fact that we will all experience a down time in our lives. Some of us are even going through a storm at this moment. But no flower can bloom without water, as we cannot bloom without a storm. Storms form in our lives to help prepare us for what awaits when the clouds clear. The difference in the level of severity of the storm is dependent on you. How much control and power you give to the negative situation and circumstance is the determining factor. I know that many times it is easier said than done. But that does not mean that it can't be done. The best way to reduce the severity of the storm, is to prepare for it. Often, we see the grey clouds approaching, and ignore the faint thunder. We don't open the umbrella until we're soaked. As you move forward in life, when you see the storm coming, prepare. Board up your windows and have flashlights ready. When we see the storm coming, we assume that it will be a light rain. And we get swept up into a tornado. So, prepare for the worse and envision the best outcome. Manifest your outcome. Allow the rains from your storms to feed your dreams and purpose. Turn your storm from an excuse as to why you can't. To a reason as to why you can.

Have a positive and elevated day.