Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Release The Grasp Of Negative Energy

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to forgive negative energies and release them. When we hold a tight grasp on the negative situations that bombard us, we allow the situation to be in our grasp. I will use a negative situation that bombarded me as an example. In August 2013, I was entering my senior year at MTSU. Classes were to start around the 27th and I celebrated turning 22 on the 16th. On the night of my birthday, I talked to my big brother, Kenny. Soon, we said our ''Love you's' before disconnecting the call. Two days later, I received a call from my mother, "Kenny was shot." You would think that a mother, witnessing her first son's soul transitioning, would be hysterical. But in her voice, her soul was already gone. I instantly dropped to my knees and prayed for my only big brother to be saved. We disconnected the call,and I paced and prayed, prayed and paced. Five minutes later, "He's gone." In that moment, my phone crashed to floor, as I fled to the bathroom. My stomach, my soul, my life, poured from my guts.

Long story short, I dropped out of college, I got in trouble with the law, and I'll keep that list modest. I was absolutely obliterated by losing my brother. Throughout our many childhood battles, we always stood hand in hand. Heart to heart. This is a negative situation that bombarded me. I held a tight grasp on it and I allowed it to control my life. I allowed that negative situation to stay in my grasp. Until I forgave the negative energies and released them.

One year later, in 2014, I randomly came across a manuscript that I began writing in college in 2010! I read it and started writing where I left off. As I wrote it, I healed. "The Book About M.E.: Mind Elevation", is my first book that intimately details my elevation. It motivates and inspires you to strengthen your mind and transcend beyond all physical boundaries. I learned that life is spiritual and transitions are inevitably. So, I must live a peaceful and fulfilling life before the transition. I learned that the goal is to inspire as many people as possible, so that they can inspire others. And only then when the cycle of elevation and healing be perpetuated. Only then will nations heals. And ultimately, the world.

It is possible to forgive, it is possible to heal. I forgive death, I forgive a cold blooded murderer, I forgive the void that my mother must live with. I forgive the fact that my nephews are fatherless children, as I was. I forgive that cycle. And I dedicate my life to ending that cycle. That is the grasp that I choose to hold on to tightly. And I encourage you to do the same. Be the inspiration, be the encouragement, be the light. Be free.

Have a positive and elevated day.