Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Plant The Seeds Of Manifestation For Yourself

Good afternoon! I hope that you are having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to sew the seeds of the fruit that you would like to manifest for yourself. Often times many of us expect the fruits to fall into our laps. Whether is be success, money, love, etc. To each its own, but those are typically the main things that we desire but don't work for. To sew the seeds and to work goes hand in hand. For if you don't put in work and care for the seeds that you plant, that root will bear no fruit. Today and each day is a day of value, sunshine or rain, each contributes to the growth of the fruit. As does life and death. As pain and joy. As tears and laughter. Each nourishes and replenishes the root. Embrace each emotion of life, each aspect of life, each moment of life. For all things that comes from the dirt, life and the root, shall eventually return to the dirt. There is no sadness there, there is no regrets there. So, sew the seeds for the life that you want to manifest for yourself. Care for each seed. Enjoy the fruits. And embrace life.

Have a positive and elevated day.

Dedicated to Jadareius Omari Hamlin 💙