Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Keep Something For Self

Good afternoon! I hope you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to keep something for yourself. We live in a society of oversharing thanks to social media. Although social media can be a good way to connect with people, there's also a downside. That downside is the fact that when we show our hand, there's no room to bluff. We have become comfortable with placing our cards face up as soon as we sit at the table. We hold nothing to the chest and keep nothing for ourselves. This results in a lack of self. Meaning, the more we feel that we must share to the world, the more likely we are to conform to it. Because most likely, when we share, we are seeking the approval of others. They are who will determine how we feel about ourselves. When we don't get many likes or if we don't have many followers, we get discouraged about our reality. This is a cycle that is perpetuating and becoming more evident in our younger generations. This is a cycle that we must combat for the sake of survival. It starts with you, today. Then, you can teach it to your child tomorrow. So, today I want to encourage you to take a step back. Find a mirror and speak life, elevation, and positive energy into you! Manifest your purpose while keeping something to yourself. Because we all must keep something for ourselves for the sanity of self.

Have a positive and elevated day.