Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Embrace The Moments Of Today

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to embrace the moments of today. We often become so transfixed on the worries of tomorrow, that we neglect to embrace today. Today will soon be tomorrow, and the moments from today will become cherished memories. No, there is nothing wrong with planning ahead and accordingly. Doing so will actually bring forth more preparation and peace. The difference is the energy it brings you today. Don't summon negative energy from future fears. Faith and favor always goes a long way. Have faith that your fear will not overpower you. And have favor in yourself, that your future will provide for you. We manifest what our lives will be. We manifest what today will be. You don't have to be rich with money to achieve this. Be rich in faith, be rich in hope, be rich in dreams. Don't be transfixed on the things you don't have. Embrace the things that you do have, for someone will always have less. So, today take a moment and take a deep breath. Realize that today can't be replaced and tomorrow isn't promised. Embrace the moment that you are in today.

Have a positive and elevated day.