Mother Barista ♥️ Encouragement To Do More Than Simply Exist

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. As I am sipping my cup of coffee, I am reminded of this truth. I am somebody. Matter of fact, I am more than somebody. To be somebody is to be. And to be is merely to exist. But, I want to do more than simply exist. Because what would life be to only exist? Even the person in a coma exists. They are living. From that aspect, one must think. How am I living? Am I simply existing? I asked myself those questions. My answers are rooted in the fact of life itself. What once existed, shall one day be existent. Now, I'm not taking a dark turn here. Just hear me out. We are "trained" in society to embrace the good, and reject the bad. Life is good and death is bad. Fair enough, right? Wrong! Yes, life is a good thing. The most precious gift. But, my perspective here is, why fear the inevitable? Fearing death after life, is like fearing the sun rising upon the night. This truth, this reality is the driving force of my ambition. Time is not unlimited for anything in existence. Even our days are limited to 24 hours! Granted, our lives have different clocks, but we will all have one final breathe.

My ambition is to be more than somebody. My ambition in life is to do more than merely exist. For even after I return to the dust, in which I came, my energy will remain. And that is the conclusion that we must all keep in mind. What energy will you leave behind? The energy that you release in life, is the only thing that you will be remembered for. It is the only thing that will be left of you. So, today, I encourage you to do more than simply exist. Go out in the world, and release the energy that you want to receive. Release the energy that you want to live. Release the energy that you want to be remembered for.

Have a positive and elevated day.