Mother Barista ♥ Encouragement To Adjust Accordingly And Maintain Focus

Good morning! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. Today, I want to encourage you to adjust accordingly while maintaining focus. I honestly believe that if you accept the things in life that are inevitable and out of your control, you will have a more fulfilling life. What do I mean by this? Well, when we achieve a certain level of maturity, we are aware of certain aspects of life that comes with the blessing. Life is impossible without death. The latter is inevitable. Grief is inevitable, joy is inevitable. Every emotion in life is inevitable and each of us are sure to experience them. The main point here is that many times, these emotions can be propelled at us without warning. Back to grief for example. When we lose someone we love suddenly and out of nowhere it may seem, grief is propelled into our life without warning. Many of us allow that thrust of unexpected wind to blow us off of of path and away from our destination. But when that wind hit you and you adjust accordingly, you will be able to remain focused through the grief. Adjusting is the key. Imagine you being the plane that has been soaring and you're suddenly in a storm. I encourage you to adjust your flight, go over or below the storm, and stay the course. I guarantee that you will be more fulfilled.