Mother Barista ♥️ Discover Where Your Innocence Is Hidden

Good morning! I hope that you are having a positive and elevated day! I am sipping on my second cup of coffee with my precious son sleeping beside me. His innocence is so reassuring. This child has not one care in the world. Not one worry. All he knows to do is to breathe. I think it's not until our innocence flees that the weight of the world penetrates. That weight impregnates our mind and soul. Thus, our fears and worries emerge. But, you know what I am beginning to realize more each day? That although our innocence fled, traces of it remains with us forever. Do you want to know where your innocence is hidden? In your mind. Literally. When we smell certain scents or see certain locations, we often go back to a memory. Granted, sometimes these can be tragic memories. But, if you're familiar with my mind, you know, that we only focus on the positive here. That being said, our innocence lies within those POSITIVE memories. And just as our innocence lies within our minds, it lies within us. Our bodies and our souls. Many people fail to recognize that our entire existence is ONE. Our mind, our body, and our soul can't exist without the other. We can't be physically impacted without being mentally impacted in some way. That is why it is imperative to care for your existence. Your existence consists of: mind, body, and soul. Reading books, exercising, and meditation are a few tools that we must all implement in our lives to elevate your existence. To be innocent is not to be naive. To be innocent is not to be fooled. To be innocent is to be kind. To love. To be positive in your life and spread that positive energy to others. To be innocent is to be like our children without the weight of the world.

Have a positive and elevated day. Blessings and Elevation.