Mother Barista♥ An evening dose of Motivation

Good afternoon! As I sip my freshly brewed coffee, I have an epiphany. Life is what we make it. No, I didn't come up with that phrase obviously, but it definitely resonates in my mind. Those words are true to life and have the power to stand alone. By that I mean that in the most basic fundamental and foundation of life, it is what we make it! We don't have a choice of how we start life, but it is our decision how we live it. At a certain age the decisions of our parents should not impact who we will become. At a certain point, we must take responsibility for our own lives and our own destiny. If you constantly blame others for the life you're living, when will your life be yours? The day is still young and full of life! Make today a day worth living!

Have an elevated and positive day! Blessings and elevation ♥