Mother Barista ♥ A Poem from, "The Poetry Book About M.E.: Melanin Experience"

MIND ELEVATION by Chanekka Pullens

I don't understand why I'm feeling stuck,

feet melted to the pavement.

Heat from my soul traveling through my body, blessed I'm not brain dead.

“Is this only on me solely?” Or “Is someone else to blame?”

I ask myself those question, and I only come up with my name.

So yea, I guess being stuck is on me, so it's on me to be free.

Even if I must bend down and claw at the melted debris on my feet.

Since I'm blessed with today, it’s another chance to try.

Break free from self-doubt, their doubts and lies.

My mental state can't suffer, for the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

If you do lose your mind, you'll become an oppressed mindless slave. So my mind I’ll cherish, stay strong,

and keep my head raised.

Mind Elevation over mind deflation.

A mind that matters is over everything.

The End.

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Have a positive and elevated day.