Mother Barista ♥ It's Not An Old Tale: You Reap What You Sow

Good afternoon! I hope that you're having a positive and elevated day. You know, I wasn't exactly sure what to write today. There is so much inspiration to speak. So, while I was searching inside myself for the words, I checked my phone. I normally put it on silent and place it on my nightstand while I'm writing. But, I checked it and I read a message from one of my little brothers. My reply was, "I'm excited for the future, so I'm excited for today!" In that moment, my words for this post presented themselves. I am truly excited for my future. Yes, I'm not there yet, but this present, is what will get me there. Many of us often forget that today is what creates our tomorrows. If you do nothing today, you will have nothing to show for yesterday tomorrow. If you do not sow the seeds in the Spring, there will be nothing to reap in the Winter. Seeds of prosperity, seeds of purpose, seeds of positive potential. We are all aware that time waits for nobody. We have all felt like, "time is flying", at one point or another. So, why do we so comfortably and consciously take advantage of our present? Of our time? I think the number reason of this is fear. The fear that we will be inadequate. But let me testify, if I'd allowed fear to stop me from sowing my seeds, you wouldn't be reading this now. I planted my seeds of: prosperity, purpose, and positive potential yesterday. Today, I am reaping the harvest from those seeds. And tomorrow, my family's table will have enough to feast on for generations. That is the future that I am excited for. This is the today that I am excited for. Defeat your fears, sow your seeds, and reap your harvest.

Have a positive and elevated day.