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Activate and Elevate is the newest venture of my business brand! While my books are intended to elevate you mentally, AE is available to help you elevate physically. I will upload my fitness routines, delicious healthy recipes, nutritional tips, and there will even be cash challenges! My intentions here, is to create an active community where anyone can come to elevate. Whether you are looking for a exercise routine to follow or a fresh meal idea for the day, you are in the right place! If you are in the need of a quick motivational read, Mother Barista Blog, is my blog that provides instant mind elevation, in less than two minutes! Subscribe to my E-Newsletter to receive email alerts each time new content is posted. 

Do you want to be featured? Do you have a fitness routine to share? A delicious recipe? Nutritional advice? Do you have a business that you want to promote with a giveaway? Email me anytime! I look forward to growing our online community and elevating each other everyday. Simply click on the category below to unveil the treasures within! 

Have a positive and elevated day! 

June 9, 2019-
June 14, 2019
To be entered into the challenge follow the following steps:
*Like my Author Page on Amazon.
*Leave a honest review on my page.
**I will be notified when you publish a review. I will be able to retrieve your name via Amazon. I will reach out to you directly when you have been entered!
**Must have an active Cash App or Paypal account.


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