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Granted, with your book, your cover is the first thing to catch a readers attention. But once you get their attention, and they turn to a random page, do you want them to spot a misspelled word? What about misplaced punctuation? There's no competition, they're both awful and can deter the reader from purchasing your book. Happily, I am here to ensure that never happens. 

Elevated Editing

With a true passion for reading, I look forward to reading and editing your manuscript. No matter the page count, genre, or POV, I am eager and ready to read and edit your book for you!

Any document can be edited, including: Email, business proposal, business plan, memo, resume', contract, school paper, thesis, essay, article, etc.

If you're seeking a passionate editor to join your team, look no further. Retain my services on a 3-month, 6-month, or yearly basis. This option is limited, so contact me today for your opportunity to have my passion, joy for reading, and eye for detail on your editing team today.

My Editing Portfolio

*Books in publishing progress are not listed.

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Tiphani Lampkin

Self Help 

Study Guide

Rosa James



Living Inside The Testimony


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LaTrell Morris



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