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Welcome, to the Princess Lu Power Path: Entrepreneurial Initiative For Girls. Ever since I was a young girl, I not only had a passion for reading, but writing as well. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that the books I read as a girl were rarely by authors that looked like me. And now as an adult, I am proud to be able to become an author of children's books with characters that look like myself.
My mission for this initiative is to encourage our young girls to embrace their inner entrepreneur through books. More specifically, sharing books to their friends and family with characters that look like them.
Princess Lu Power Path was paved to inspire, motivate, and elevate young girls who will one day blossom into strong, empowered, self thinking Queens.
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There are numerous positive developmental benefits/skills associated with becoming a Princess Lu Power Path Partner (PLPPP):

- Critical Thinking
- Communication
- Mathematic 
- Reading 
- Problem Solving
- Financial Responsibility, and more.
What exactly will your entrepreneur be selling? My books! How will this be achieved?

The Princess Lu Power Path Partner (your daughter(s)) will receive income from each book sale that they encourage. They will not be required to collect any payment for the sale or ship any product. Upon acceptance into the program, your Princess will receive a personalized Princess Pass (Promo Code). The customer will simply input the Princess Pass at check out and she will receive income from that sale.

How much can be made per sale? $2 per book

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How can your Princess(es) become a Partner?
Step 1: Register with your name and email.
Step 2: Receive a form via email to officially register your Princess(es).
Packages Available:
- Welcome Packet
- 3 Ebooks: "Nice To Meet You, Princess Lu", "Celebrate Black History Month with Princess Lu", & "Princess Lu's Power Path" 

- Free Package
- T-shirt

- Free & $25 Package
- Personalized Tote
- Personalized Notebook
- Physical Copy of Princess Lu Book of Choice (other 2 Ebooks)

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