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Community Contribution Campaign

What is CCC?

It is when the online community come together and contribute funds to cover the cost of books. These books will then be donated to a specific organization that focuses on the advancement of the youth. These organizations break the chains of the mental, physical, and emotional links that limits the potential of our youth. These links prevent our youth from blossoming into their full potential. My intentions with #CCC is to provide books to youth who the community believes can benefit from them the most. 


Organizations and companies that are dedicated to the advancement of our youth deserves all of the assistance that can be provided. If you know of an organization or company whose cause is aligned with our goals, please recommend it. Your recommendation could be one of our next recipients of the Community Contribution Campaign! 


All funds that are donated will go towards the cost of books to give to schools and other youth programs. When there is an active #CommunityContributionCampaign all donations within the active time frame will automatically go towards the campaign. If there is no active #CCC the donations will go towards the cost of books that will be donated to schools and other youth programs. Also, in the case that there is a planned event (Back to School Bash for example), all donations will go towards products and materials needed to make the event a success! 

$5- Free Shipping For 1 Child

$10- Free Book For 1 Child

$20- Free Book For 2 Children

$50- Free Book For 5 Children

$100- Free Book For 10 Children

*Any Amount is appreciated and valued.

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Special Destination Notice:


If you would like to purchase books in bulk for a school, organization, church, etc. please click "Bulk Order" to receive a discount rate!

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