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Books by Chanekka Pullens

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Mind Elevation was created to promote positive solutions to negative circumstances. We are all confronted with negative situations that are sometimes out of our control. But it is not that negative situation that will determine your outcome. It is the steps you take to combat the situation. This book not only includes ways to help you envision positive solutions, but personal testimonies as to why I have the insight to promote Mind Elevation.

chanekka pullens

This poetry book illustrates the emotional, mental, and physical impact that racism and dehumanization causes the black soul. The true intention of this book is to speak out and speak up about the inhumane actions against the person of color. To promote the awareness that is in dire need, of these conditions. History repeats it. We’re trapped in this perpetual racial cycle because the views are basically the same that it has been throughout history. But now, it’s time to leave the views from the past, in history, and move towards a better day. A better day that is present in today. Not in the past. Not in history. 

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In this sequel to her first poetry book, "The Poetry Book About M.E.: Melanin Experience", Chanekka continues her journey through explosive expression. This book is a statement and a testimony to the power of healing. Although the poems within details personal experiences, the emotion can be felt and appreciated by all.  


Lu & Juan Children's 
Book Series
For Girls & Boys

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