Thank you for visiting! I'm Chanekka Pullens. I founded Mind Elevation For All, LLC in 2015 while in my senior year at MTSU. I received my bachelor's degree in Political Science with a double minor in History and International Relations. That year, I published my first book and I have since then published six books. My books are inspired by the facts of my life in which a positive mind frame is the best option. This is the foundation of me as a woman, a mother, an author, and a businesswoman.  

Chanekka Pullens Publishing was established in 2020. As a seasoned author, I soon manifested my passion for reading and writing by helping others become published authors. My natural instinct for creativity and eye for details are evident in every service that I provide, especially web design.

MEFA, LLC is the umbrella that my books and my writing are nested under. Mind Elevation is the concept and term used to describe my promoting the positive benefits of living a positive life. Mind Elevation For All. That is what I proclaim. That is what I believe. And I am so humbled to have discovered that that is my purpose. To help you understand that everything is going to be alright. No, everything won’t always be perfect. I surely am not. But I would not choose the other option. To be deflated and negative throughout my one life. Who would make such a conscious decision?

A collection of books to inspire and encourage the positive benefits of positive thinking. 

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